Friday, December 25, 2009

Daron Hana's Cloud 90s

dANA/Heron's Collaboration.


wtfffff my first entire album download oH noooooOOoo


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Fanmade video for 'Eating Us (demo)', off Tobacco's upcoming album "Maniac Meat". Visuals by Father Longlegs.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Neon Meltdown will be presenting the first "Blurry Vision" MIX Series!
Ive been wanting to make a mix for the longest time for you guys, but just havent got around to it.
Last night i came up with tentative tracklist. There will be about 7 songs on this mix. I have no doubt it will be like anything you've heard before, and you will love it. I'll have this done by the end of this month, so get ready for an ear rape!!!

Also wanted to thank each and every one of you for taking time to read my blog. Im really surprised at the number of downloads Ive been getting for my last couple of posts. Keep doing it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Nite Jewel + Dam Funk collabooooooooo. I really enjoy this one.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Thanks to the fader, i am yappin' away about S4LEM once again. Go here to listen and download SALEM/TANLINES new 7". (or just d'load it here). Both tracks make my skin melt (in a good way). Sign up for the the fader's newsletter for a chance to get sent a free copy of the limited 500 pressed record!!!

DOWNLOAD: Salem- babydaddy
DOWNLOAD: Tanlines- Saw

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Salem Makes It Good

I took it upon myself to slice up the new incredibly good Mix We Make It Good Series Vol. 11 by Salem, A.K.A. the band that never seizes to amaze me. I searched high and low on the internetz and havent seen the individual tracks anywhere. I Cut them up last night and now you can download most of the songs here. Keep in mind this was my first attempt EVER at using garage band.. I did a pretty good job I think? Hope you enjoy these kick ass new songs by Salem + others that'll stick in your brain forever.

DOWNLOAD: AIDS 3D- Party Animal Dirge
DOWNLOAD: oOoOoo- Mumbai

Friday, November 20, 2009

Midnight Perry

I cant stand keeping this super rare cassette filled with ultimate radical jams by Luke Perry all to myself anymore. Enoughs Enough guys, this should be making its rounds on every blog in america (but isnt because im literally kinda like 1 of 3.5 people to own it). Idk weather i should be happy to be one of those few people, or feel mega sad because no one else has really heard it. However, you can be one of these lucky people if you request one at:

Big Thanks to Liz over at Teen Fuqq for cutting them up into individual tracks for me.

Midnight Perry Tracklist
A1. Midnight
A2. Midnight 2700
A3. Canne(d) ?

B1. Lets Pretend We're Perry
B2. Teen Tragedy a-go-go
B3. Milkshake
B4. Frget Yr Locker Combo
B5. Shimmer

DOWNLOAD: Let's Pretend Were Perry
DOWNLOAD: Frget Yr Locker Combo
DOWNLOAD: Teen Tragedy a-go-go

DOWNLOAD: Retinal Stonerscan

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rarity Wednesday

Remember, these downloads are only up for one week!

: Power Pill Fist & Bony Legs (Father Hummingbird of BMSR)
Description: 2 sick as fuck tracks from the rare and out of print album "Thoust Pain Is Thine Angre", Limited to 100 copies. Both tracks were recorded live.

DOWNLOAD: Power Pill Fist vs. Bony Legs- Rap Sorry! You're too late!

DOWNLOAD: Power Pill Fist vs. Bony Legs- Clank Sorry! You're too late!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Its lookin really really hawt right now for Shams, and they're coming 'atcha with new releases in the near future. Like a self released cd-r, a split cassette with synt.tofs, and a split with Narwhals of Sound. Keep a look out for it, because sometimes its a "blink-you-missed-it" kinda thing.

Apologies for the lack of rarity wednesday last week. There will be a new installment this week. Check back frequently for more awesome downloads!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


DOWNLOAD: The Samps- Magnetic Thys
DOWNLOAD: The Samps- Mashed Skins

Last chance to get last weeks download.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Artist: Tobacco
From: Fucked Up Friends DVD
Track Name: Fucked Up Friends DVD Track 11
Type: Unreleased

DOWNLOAD Sorry! Your Too Late!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Superb EP by LA's Samiyam.
Out Now.


Samiyam: Catch Me Riding Dirty
Samiyam: Porno Slap


-C Out!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Salem- piggyhog
Salem- deepburn (re-upped, better sound)
Salem- frost


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As you all know, I am a huge fan of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco, and Power Pill Fist...
I have decided to share my DEMOS and RARITIES with all of you. I've thought about this long and hard, and I know there are many of you out there who look for these kinds of things, and just dont know where to get them, lucky I have them. There is a catch to sharing these....


After the week is over, the link will be taken down, and you will be out of luck.
This keeps these rare demos and unreleased tracks from getting into the hands of the casual reader, and hopefully into the hands of people who actually want them. I hope you will have fun hearing these as much as i do, because that is the purpose for these give-aways.

*Side Note* from now on I will be hosting all downloads from a different and better site, which means you will now be able to listen to the song before you download it! Now, on to the good stuff.

Artist: Tobacco
Track Name: The Sticky (DEMO)
Appears On: Fucked Up Friends DVD (2007)
Finished Track Appears On: Bmsr Album 'Eating Us'

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Sorry! Your Too Late!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 2

The anticipation is over, Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 2 is here!
or get a 3" cd-r over at Friendship Bracelet for a small price of $5.
Each copy is hand-made with love using baseball cards and paint.
Act fast though because there is a limited run of only 100.
Tracklisting is phenomenal and has a ton of my favorite bands at the moment.
(Matthew David, Dem Hunger, Julian Lynch, and of course Speculator), just to name a few.

Have a scary weekend and be safe on Halloween!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The amazing Power Pill Fist will be taking Pre-Orders on 11/10 for his and Mall Security's Vs. album titled "Byte Marks". This will be the 4th Vs. album for Power Pill.
The pre-order info is below along with a BONUS mp3 preview of a track that will be on the album, its a hunk of a song that he played during the August 19 live Webcast.


Orders will ship 11/27 (Black Friday!)

The package will include:
Byte Marks (looking around 20 minutes right now) mini-cdr
Companion mini-dvd-r
Card stock double sleeve

Pre-orders only will also include:
Special Packaging (this is a surprise though)
Bonus mini-cd-r with outtake song from remainder of Byte Marks recording session
Other stuff?

Price will be $15 on pre-orders... $12 for the regular package starting on 11/27. Shipping included

(to download, right click and save link as)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Heavy Makeup

Finally, a tiny light has been shined on us that Maniac Meat is still in the works and is happening soon. I'm really lovin the direction Tobacco is going with more human like vocals. I've been living off the Maniac Meat demos for months now, wondering what else he has in store for us... We still dont know if "Maniac Meat" is another side project by Tobacco and "Knife Vision", or just the title for an upcoming album... Whatever it is, I WANT MORE!


Tobacco/Maniac Meat: HEAVY MAKEUP

Friday, October 2, 2009

Adult Weekend

Shit, sometimes i amaze myself at the collection of unique cd's/tapes i've managed to get throughout the years.

Big ups to Luke and Ryan from dANA for sending me a free of charge package (that came in a grey goose vodka cardboard box) which included albums VVSSTA, Pink Star, Adult Weekend, and a gold tape by Luke Perry, "Midnight Perry". I have to say I've never seen any album covers like this, with such detail and gnar spray paint on the discs, and tracklisting sheet with Hannah Montana on it hahaha. Guess i gotta make a stop at a thrift store tomorrow to by myself a tape player to listen to Midnight Perry, then on Monday i'll be in the process of getting the tape onto CD, UGHHH sooo good. l8eRRRr doodzZ. c ya on the interwebzzzz.

Monday, September 28, 2009


"The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed (Album, Sing To Us) + EP, Sing To Us will be given the deluxe reissue treatment on double vinyl.
Originally a private press CDR from 2001, The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed was never properly released, and mainly just given out to friends. Some material made it onto the first real BMSR album, Falling Through A Field in 2003, but Autumn's sound is more fragile, haunted and acoustic. Included on a specially etched record is EP, Sing To Us, an even less produced CDR made up of songs left off of the album.

*Special Preorder version will be available along with the regular 2XLP and includes an Autumn Kaleidoscope Tree Girl tshirt. "


Coming Soon on Rad Cult:

*This will be the first vinyl reissue by Rad Cult in a series of limited vinyl reissues that will cover all of the early and pre-BMSR private press tapes and CDR's.

Scheduled for future release:
The Most Wonderfulest Thing (2002)
Flower Slides (2000)
The Anti-Freakout Method + Violet Induced Armpit: Good Songs Infinity (1999)
Bad Vibrations (1999)
EP 97 + The F-ed Sound (1997/1998)
EP 96 (1996)

I'm freaking out right now. Years of bitchin to tobacco and power pill fist to share the 'elusive' "EP, Sing To Us" is finally a reality! The etched back of the upcoming 2xLP EP, sounds super sweet! I would have never thought in a million years i would hear the EP, and even more, the private tapes and cd-r's that were never given out! Cant wait for the months ahead to get my hands on all of this.

In more more good news, Eating Us vinyl is finally in production! Graveface says it looks like an amazing package so far.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

BMSR vs. flaming lips

SO, The Flaming Lips have a new album out soon and will be in a limited edition custom HAIRY box...

SOUND FAMILIAR? Thats because it is! Back in May I talked about Black Moth Super Rainbow's new limited edition HAIRY jacket for their new album 'Eating Us'.

Black Moth's ltd edition hairy jacket from May

and here is the flaming lips' new hairy box (out Sept.)

I think its so sad that a band who takes time to think about their fans enough to come out with such creative ways to package their new album, get JOCKED SO BRAZENLY by another band and in some way take the credit for it. SHAME ON YOU FLAMING LIPS!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Guess im going to the Health's album release party at the Troubadour tonight. Mostly excited to see Pictureplane, havent seen him yet, and im whatever about Dam Funk.

Got Health's "Get Color" Lp in the mail along with a bonus 7" of Die Slow and Die Slow remix by Pictureplane, and a album cover poster. Cant wait to spin in! Thanks Insound!

D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: HEALTH- Death+
D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: HEALTH- In Violet

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teen Fuqq; Tamed by Censors

Teen Fuqq wants to give you a ride on a bloody pony with their newborn EP "Tamed By Censors".
A 2 member group, the EP was actually only made by one member, Liz, using her new casio va-10 that she found at a thrift store for a cheapo $7. A vocoder is used to go along with the off the wall lyrics and usual kick ass noise and drone music.
She is a friend over at the new and improved BMSR fans message board, and i am very proud of her new work!
Her boyfriend makes up the other half of the group. His solo stuff WireMother/ClothMother, is gnarly as fuck, and it gives me horrible horrible nightmares in my sleep omgzzzzz!

D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: Teen Fuqq- tamed by censors EP

Monday, August 31, 2009


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning i woke up with a motha fuckin STD.

From now on there's no more secrets
Ain't gonna let no liar beat this,
You might call me a gonorrealist,
Honesty is not a weakness..

Now i bet your wondering, what she got beneath that skirt?
i bet she got an STD, i wonder if it hurt?
Well i just got my paps mere, and i don't got no crap here,
but if i did I'de let you know it, before I let you blow it...

Whats your symptom? and who'd u get that itch from?
Lets talk about it.
Herpes, aids, lets talk about it.
Crabs, scabies, syphilis, rabies, crazy shit beyond your laves,
Dont be shy, but unabashed, go ahead ask
Whats up with that rash?????????

You got an STD,
And now its stressin' me,
Can i ask you a question please?
Whats going on underneath them jeans??

Not tryin to be mean,
just gotta make sure that your clean,
Cause if you want me on your team,
First you gotta show me honesty.

Those are undoubtedly the most awesomest lyrics Ive ever heard in the history of music, and they belong to Javelin.
Im really into this band now god dammit!
This is a MUST listen.

****** Javelin: STD FURY
*****Javelin: Leonard Pt 6
****Javelin: Susie Cues
***Javelin: Lindsay Brohan

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Die Slow

The homeboy Tobacco added a new track to his myspace player, which is a remix of Health's "Die Slow".
Shit is crackin, 'na mean?? His version reminds me of the Disneyland lights parade back when i was 5. Good shit.

DOWNLOAD: Health- Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)

Nite Jewel Does It Better

Awesome new track from LA's very own Nite Jewel, from the groups upcoming Falling Far/Spiritual Nite Life 7"


Im really loving this song. Two big neon thumbs up!!!

DOWNLOAD: Nite Jewel- Falling Far

and a bonus track for you, its my favorite nite jewel song.
DOWNLOAD: Want You Back [highly recommended]

She'll be playing in LA at the Sunset Junction after party at Young Art Gallery with Monster and Universe Aug. 22, GO SEE THEM!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How do I even start to describe dANA?? Well for starters, if you took a bunch of high pitched distorted baby voices, the "Home Improvement" theme song, a whole lot of funk shit, put them into a blender and then stir in some fucked up timing, dANA smoothie is what you'de end up with. I'm telling you, this kind of stuff aint for your average Joe. My name isnt Joe and I hope yours isnt either, so get ready for your ears to be blown away by this. Forgot to mention.. all their stuff is FREE, even physical copies! Just message them and theyll send over whatever u ask for!

DOWNLOAD: dANA- Perry Burns The Midnight Oil
DOWNLOAD: dANA- Luv Xpress
DOWNLOAD: dANA- Hairgames

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Electric Avenue Chapter 8

It took me what seems to be a lifetime, but i finally have it in my hands.

Im talking about Black Moth Super Rainbow's first release, Electric Avenue Chapter 8, part of the Electric Avenue series. Got my 2 copies in the mail last week! I havent taken the cd-r's out of their sleeve yet, but i guess im going to tonight so i can replace the mp3's i have for a better quality. So excited to hear it! If you want a copy, please dont ask me. It took me over a year to find, so do your own searching.

Onto some more sweet news. Out now on I, Absentee is Ice Warz '85, Red Falcon Projects new mini album! The album art if fucking RAD! Take a looksy at it and hear some previews here, and place your order soon, because its limited to ONLY 50 COPIES. Ya, i said 50. They'll be gone quick, so do it up! I just placed my order, only $7!!! Great music, cool art, what more can you want?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Michael Jackson Forever

I honestly truely have not stopped thinking about Michaels passing.
I keep watching videos i used to watch non stop of him doing his famous dance moves, and trying to see exactly how it was possible for him to do them so perfectly and effortlessly. This vid is probably the best one ive seen that showcases his best moves, and its one of my favorite performances. This is exactly the reason why he was called the King. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON, YOU AND YOUR MUSIC WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Song Of The Week

Sorry so late.
This ones gonna take you to another level....

: Exile- Extra FUNK

It's also on my music page if you wanna rep it on yo page er somethang.

I'm Planning to get this in 5 days.
(Satanstompingcaterpillars-Flower Slides)

Anyone who gets in my way, you are dead.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Video Premiere

First off, I wanna give a big Neon Meltdown shout-out to the blogger who brazenly copies and pastes pretty much word for word what i write on this here blog, LAWLZZZZZZZZ. C'mon, my blog is pretty amateur, im sure you can come up with your own words/phrases/posts.

Now that thats outta tha way, who was lucky enough to hear the "new old" song on BMSR's music player? I guess it was from an abandoned 2006 album. you can kiss that song goodbye because they'll probably never post it again. SUX! I hate being teased, and that was the biggest tease ever. If anyone had a chance to rip it, hook me up! I'll hook you up with some BMSR rarities, fo real!

On another note,Black Moth Super Rainbow's
video for "Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise" premiered today on

Thursday, July 9, 2009


For about 2 years now, i have been searching the interweb for this damn DVD.
Tobacco's Fucked Up Friends DVD is out of print/sold out, and havent had any luck finding someone that is willing to sell me their copy. IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO HAS THIS DVD, AND IS WILLING TO SELL, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!! I know that this is a rare piece of the BMSR discography, so I'm willing to make a very good offer on it. Go easy on me though, I'm not made out of money, and as you know, the economy is ssSSsHHhiTtT. Please please please help me out. I know Tobacco is making hand-made VHS's of Fucked Up Friends and should be out in the Fall, but i am not sure if i got on the waiting list and dont want to take any chances. If you ever want to sell, you can contact me on here, or send me an email at:
Thx everyone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Song Of The Week

Since there are a couple people who say i dont update my blog very often (cough, JOEY), im gonna start a song of the week type thing from now on that way i stay on top of things. Todays song of the week is brought to you by Chris Powers. Shits off the hook, guyz.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Powers- Tic Talk

Oh yah, heres a bonus mixtape for you guys from C. Powers which includes quite a few songs from some of my favorite artists at the moment.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Powers- Honky Walk Mixtape

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Things can't possibly get any better.
I'm gonna let you guys in on the good news.
Power Pill Fist has his very own MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!!!
I was the very first one to register!! It's up and ready to talk all things Power Pill, shows, past and current albums... So if your as big a fan as i am of PPF, sign the fuck up and get ready for some atari thrills! On the board, he announced his summer mini tour with The Red Falcon Projects.

Here are the dates:

8/19: Pittsburgh, PA - Howler's
8/20: Columbus, OH - The Treehouse
8/21: Asheville, NC - BoBo Gallery
8/22: Newport, KY - Need help with this one!!
8/23: Akron, OH - The Matinee

If you live anywhere near those states, go out and see them.
I promise you it'll be like nothing you've ever seen/heard before.
I'm very very sad they wont be coming to Ca. though, but hopefully we'll get our turn soon.

Im not done just yet. He's also said he and Mall Security will be doing another VS. album this summer!

"It will be electro-noise, atari and fuzz-bass live to tape."


Lone Pt. II

Since Lone is still fresh in our minds, and in our ears,
Im happy to say, that this morning he announced on his blog that he has a new album in the works and will be realeased very soon sometime July/August. Can't wait for this.
I heard "Paradise Backyard Jam" and its pretty rad, guys.
Be on the look out for this..

From blog:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ecstasy And Friends.
New album:

'Ecstasy And Friends' :

To Be With A Person That You Really Dig
Sungrazer Cascade
Paradise Backyard Jam
My Ami
Waves Imagination
The Twilight Switch
Love Heads
Karen Loves Kate
Go Greenhills Racer
Apple Hi

All done and ready for release late July / august on Werk Discs. The track 'Waves Imagination' was dropped by Sinden on his Kiss100 fm show. go here to listen:

More news on this to follow.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


(Lone Circa 1986)

If early Boards Of Canada had a baby with Flying Lotus, this would be their Child. Anyone that is interested in them, is sure to be more than pleased with Lone. His track was one of thee bestest on Tobacco's "Songs To Get Killed In The Woods To" Mix. Once heard, I started searching his work and became partial to his Lemurian album. Hes become my new muse, its that serious....
His latest stuff has a remix by the great Bibio! Pleasure your ears at your own risk! I recommend you take that risk though. All that being said, dont be lame. Support your favorite artists. You can buy everything Lone here.

P.s. I know theres a couple of you that like my blog, because you tell me over myspace, but i'de really like if you commented on here too.. it keeps me motivated to keep posting and to do my best to bring you only the best from my music world. Also, if you have any questions or comments on how i could make this a little better, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

DOWNLOAD: Lone- Interview at Honolulu
DOWNLOAD: Lone- Phthalo Blue
DOWNLOAD: Lone- Cali Drought Wave

Monday, June 1, 2009



Monday, May 11, 2009


These are/were some of my most played during the past 6 months.
All are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, so no need to browse through which ones you might like. Im serious about this yo.

Failure to have these often leads to: worthless playlists, brain damage, arthritis, swollen taste buds, and sometimes even death....

*Milieu- Autumn Fog Lifts (Yearbook Version)
*Power Pill Fist vs. Dorosoto- Metal Mustard Mayhem
*Koen Park vs. Cheju- Your Broadcast Remix
*Board Of Canada- Roygbiv
*Osborne- Wait A Minute

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 Thick Scoops

Alright, I'm gonna lay it on extra thick today, with 2 posts. YEEEY!
As i said in my recent post about Pre-Ordering Allegheny White Fish,
i got it in the mail yesterday. (Seems like ive been doing a whole lot of online shopping). I listened to the album for hours and hours last night. This album is perfection. A totally different side of Tobacco from where he is now, a good kind of different. If only i would have known about him back then. This is a great album to spark up some greens and relax to. I cant believe were finally listening to the infamous AWF TAPES! I tried taking pics of the inside and disc, but my camera had no batteries. So here are pics of the front, back, inside, and cd.
Images courtesy of





Its all good and fun to download some free stuff, but it helps out the band when you hand over your wallet and buy a copy if you like their work. It shows them we like what we hear!

Booz aint just for drinking....

You can also hear it...
How you ask? By listening to Boozhownd Doggonit of course! (;
Ok that was lame but, this master of disaster has been one of my favorites to listen to lately. Tom Drury a.k.a. "The Boozhownd" doesnt have a myspace/twitter/flicker/facebook/ or any of those fancy social websites (bummer). However, he is on i, absentee's label. He is thee man, a hit maker. I got an attraction to his sound when i first listened to Birth Certificate and couldn't find much of his work on the interweb. I did find something bout a month back and now i am hooked. He really is unique and there's really nothing else out there like his. An earful for your ghettoblaster!

Boozhownd Doggonit- Toads And Warts [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
Boozhownd Doggonit- Plomb De La Klum [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
Boozhownd Doggonit- Hit By Lead
Boozhownd Doggonit- Brekfast With Boozhownd (Kontyx Remix)
Boozhownd Doggonit- J.J.(Low Butt Right)

Monday, May 4, 2009


You can see my bmsr/tobacco vinyl collection here

The pictures aren't that great, i would've liked to use a scanner, but since i don't own one, i had to take them with my shitty t-mobile G1 phone.
I cant wait for "Eating Us" to be released! Its out May 26th. Once i get it, ill post up pictures. Its going to be on a HAIRY JEWEL CASE! Did you hear me? i said HAIRY!
Its going to come in a HAIRY summer jacket! And hopefully whenever the Lp comes out in the fall, the middle of the vinyl will have hair also! Pre-order it ASAP if you haven't yet.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dandelion Gum

Just received the 3rd pressing of Black Moth's Dandelion Gum in the mail.
This pressing is limited to 1000 copies and is on white vinyl with dark pink splatter. This one is NOT sratch n' sniff. If you do get yourself a copy, order from Graveface so you could get a cool poster like mine. You cant just buy the poster, so if your real desperate for some BMSR merch that isnt on the site, buy some vinyl. Actually, buy like 4 and use those Freddy Points so you could get some free shit from Graveface. Too bad this pressing isnt hand numbered by Tobacco. Ill post up pics of the sleeve and Lp when i get home, that is if i find my camera. Im in the process of moving and cant find anything.
Much Love,


COMING 2010.....

Are you ready for unholy demon rhythms?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allegheny White Fish

Before Tobacco, before Black Moth Super Rainbow, before Satanstompingcaterpillars, there was Allegheny White Fish.
We thought these tracks would never see the light of day, but after many years, the man behind all 4, Tobacco, is finally putting the Allegheny White Fish tapes onto CD. It went on Pre-Order this morning. Order before you miss out on this forever..... again.


* Braided Cellophane
* What You Gonna Say to Me?
* Sunburned Face
* The Bees Love Me
* Left Out (The Freaky Pieces)
* Enough To Calm You Down
* Metal Ball Moon
* Backwards Song #2
* Dead Cowboy Dance (Live to ghettoblaster)
* Yellow Violet
* The Blue Seahorse
* 4-Track Phone Mistake
* The Love Song
* Gonna Git You Brainwashed (Long Version)
* Oh Shit Doug
* I Am 6 Years Old
* Eating Butterflies
* I Saw Brown
* All Songs Have an Ending
* Too Weird to be a Tree
* Violet Induced Armpit
* Friendly and Unfriendly Spiders

Collection of Tobacco's early tapes from 1996-1999. Over 70 minutes of mostly unreleased/unheard broken ghetto-blaster songs. Warped drum machines, purple noise, ripped cassettes, and melodies to calm you down.
pre-vocoder & synths, post-apocalypse.


Monday, April 13, 2009

i, absentee

Do we really need another hip hop/electro compilation? Not really, well, maybe...
I think we've all had enough from Ghostly International, but this one is sure to blow your mind. I, absentee's debut compilation
"Birth Certificate", includes 17 EXCLUSIVE tracks from some heavy hitters such as Tobacco, Mall Security, Dorosoto, Power Pill Fist, and Lunar Testing Lab.
A dubby, post-rock "Who Lives Next Door" by 21 Jumpsuit, sets the tone for the album, and only gets better from there. A very good compilation overall, there are a few tracks that really stand out from the rest.

Limited to ONLY 250 copies (125 black, 125 white) you can order it on the I, absentee website, if there's still any left. I got mine back in December (a white digipak), and hasn't left my heavy rotation list since.

DOWNLOAD: Neon Tetra- Drowning (VA, Birth Certificate)
DOWNLOAD: 21 Jumpsuit- Who Lives Next Door (VA, Birth Certificate)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bobby, Go Home

This is Power Pill Fist's third installment of the VS series. The title "White Noise Fury" describes PPF's sound as exactly that.. a whole bunch of fuckin NOISE! Its recorded live to tape using Atari 2600. Sounds so intricately well put together its insane. If you dont know who he is, Ken Fec A.K.A Power Pill Fist, is the bassist for BMSR. That in itself should make you go boNkeRs over this. Judging by his last 2 creations (Kongmanivong) and (Extra Life), this ones going to be badass! I actually ordered my copy on Fri. and i got one of the last 9 physical copies, whaaaaaat! He has one show coming up:
4/4/09: Harrisonburg, VA: MACROCK, 9:20 to 9:50pm
Court Square Theater, 61 Graham St., Harrisonburg, VA, 22801

If you live in VA, lucky you.

DOWNLOAD: Power Pill Fist- Pauliesphere

If that didnt fuck with your head enough, here's one from the "Kongmanivong" album.

DOWNLOAD: Power Pill Fist- Chuckanut Drive

Friday, January 30, 2009

Pre Coachella Thoughts

I just checked this years line up for Coachella... My emotions are running wild.
Awe, shock, amazement sums it up. My jaw is still on the floor, i cant seem to get it back up. Searching through the list of impeccable talent, i had one name in my mind and one name only. Thank God my wish came true, for Hercules & Love Affair will be playing this year!!! Among the many names, i made my "MUST SEE" list. Public Enemy, Glasscandy, Antony and the Johnson's, Late of the Pier, Friendly Fires, Felix da Housecat, The Ting Tings, Switch, and i cant forget the good ole fucked up Amy Winehouse. (I'll be good as soon as she sings "Love Is A Losing Game").
Im sure this year will be better than last. For sure this time I'm getting a hotel. I really don't feel like sleeping on rocks and waking up to a million ants on my clothes. I'll post some more Coachella thoughts up when April comes around, I'm sure. 76 MORE DAYS PEOPLE, CANNNNNNNNNOT WAITTTTTTTTTTTT!

And just to get you guys in the mood, heres a live track of Herc playing my fav. song of theirs "Im Telling You"

DOWNLOAD: Hercules and Love Affair- I'm Telling You (live)

Friday, January 23, 2009

diplo diplo all day

Shuffle always plays my best jams. This ones by Diplo. Talented (and good looking). Turn this up if you wanna get the party started haaaaaaayY!

DOWNLOAD: Hashim- Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (Diplo Version)