Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teen Fuqq; Tamed by Censors

Teen Fuqq wants to give you a ride on a bloody pony with their newborn EP "Tamed By Censors".
A 2 member group, the EP was actually only made by one member, Liz, using her new casio va-10 that she found at a thrift store for a cheapo $7. A vocoder is used to go along with the off the wall lyrics and usual kick ass noise and drone music.
She is a friend over at the new and improved BMSR fans message board, and i am very proud of her new work!
Her boyfriend makes up the other half of the group. His solo stuff WireMother/ClothMother, is gnarly as fuck, and it gives me horrible horrible nightmares in my sleep omgzzzzz!

D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: Teen Fuqq- tamed by censors EP

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