Monday, September 28, 2009


"The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed (Album, Sing To Us) + EP, Sing To Us will be given the deluxe reissue treatment on double vinyl.
Originally a private press CDR from 2001, The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed was never properly released, and mainly just given out to friends. Some material made it onto the first real BMSR album, Falling Through A Field in 2003, but Autumn's sound is more fragile, haunted and acoustic. Included on a specially etched record is EP, Sing To Us, an even less produced CDR made up of songs left off of the album.

*Special Preorder version will be available along with the regular 2XLP and includes an Autumn Kaleidoscope Tree Girl tshirt. "


Coming Soon on Rad Cult:

*This will be the first vinyl reissue by Rad Cult in a series of limited vinyl reissues that will cover all of the early and pre-BMSR private press tapes and CDR's.

Scheduled for future release:
The Most Wonderfulest Thing (2002)
Flower Slides (2000)
The Anti-Freakout Method + Violet Induced Armpit: Good Songs Infinity (1999)
Bad Vibrations (1999)
EP 97 + The F-ed Sound (1997/1998)
EP 96 (1996)

I'm freaking out right now. Years of bitchin to tobacco and power pill fist to share the 'elusive' "EP, Sing To Us" is finally a reality! The etched back of the upcoming 2xLP EP, sounds super sweet! I would have never thought in a million years i would hear the EP, and even more, the private tapes and cd-r's that were never given out! Cant wait for the months ahead to get my hands on all of this.

In more more good news, Eating Us vinyl is finally in production! Graveface says it looks like an amazing package so far.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

BMSR vs. flaming lips

SO, The Flaming Lips have a new album out soon and will be in a limited edition custom HAIRY box...

SOUND FAMILIAR? Thats because it is! Back in May I talked about Black Moth Super Rainbow's new limited edition HAIRY jacket for their new album 'Eating Us'.

Black Moth's ltd edition hairy jacket from May

and here is the flaming lips' new hairy box (out Sept.)

I think its so sad that a band who takes time to think about their fans enough to come out with such creative ways to package their new album, get JOCKED SO BRAZENLY by another band and in some way take the credit for it. SHAME ON YOU FLAMING LIPS!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Guess im going to the Health's album release party at the Troubadour tonight. Mostly excited to see Pictureplane, havent seen him yet, and im whatever about Dam Funk.

Got Health's "Get Color" Lp in the mail along with a bonus 7" of Die Slow and Die Slow remix by Pictureplane, and a album cover poster. Cant wait to spin in! Thanks Insound!

D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: HEALTH- Death+
D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: HEALTH- In Violet

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teen Fuqq; Tamed by Censors

Teen Fuqq wants to give you a ride on a bloody pony with their newborn EP "Tamed By Censors".
A 2 member group, the EP was actually only made by one member, Liz, using her new casio va-10 that she found at a thrift store for a cheapo $7. A vocoder is used to go along with the off the wall lyrics and usual kick ass noise and drone music.
She is a friend over at the new and improved BMSR fans message board, and i am very proud of her new work!
Her boyfriend makes up the other half of the group. His solo stuff WireMother/ClothMother, is gnarly as fuck, and it gives me horrible horrible nightmares in my sleep omgzzzzz!

D/O/W/N/L/O/A/D: Teen Fuqq- tamed by censors EP