Friday, May 8, 2009

2 Thick Scoops

Alright, I'm gonna lay it on extra thick today, with 2 posts. YEEEY!
As i said in my recent post about Pre-Ordering Allegheny White Fish,
i got it in the mail yesterday. (Seems like ive been doing a whole lot of online shopping). I listened to the album for hours and hours last night. This album is perfection. A totally different side of Tobacco from where he is now, a good kind of different. If only i would have known about him back then. This is a great album to spark up some greens and relax to. I cant believe were finally listening to the infamous AWF TAPES! I tried taking pics of the inside and disc, but my camera had no batteries. So here are pics of the front, back, inside, and cd.
Images courtesy of





Its all good and fun to download some free stuff, but it helps out the band when you hand over your wallet and buy a copy if you like their work. It shows them we like what we hear!

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