Friday, May 8, 2009

Booz aint just for drinking....

You can also hear it...
How you ask? By listening to Boozhownd Doggonit of course! (;
Ok that was lame but, this master of disaster has been one of my favorites to listen to lately. Tom Drury a.k.a. "The Boozhownd" doesnt have a myspace/twitter/flicker/facebook/ or any of those fancy social websites (bummer). However, he is on i, absentee's label. He is thee man, a hit maker. I got an attraction to his sound when i first listened to Birth Certificate and couldn't find much of his work on the interweb. I did find something bout a month back and now i am hooked. He really is unique and there's really nothing else out there like his. An earful for your ghettoblaster!

Boozhownd Doggonit- Toads And Warts [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
Boozhownd Doggonit- Plomb De La Klum [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
Boozhownd Doggonit- Hit By Lead
Boozhownd Doggonit- Brekfast With Boozhownd (Kontyx Remix)
Boozhownd Doggonit- J.J.(Low Butt Right)

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