Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Salem Makes It Good

I took it upon myself to slice up the new incredibly good Mix We Make It Good Series Vol. 11 by Salem, A.K.A. the band that never seizes to amaze me. I searched high and low on the internetz and havent seen the individual tracks anywhere. I Cut them up last night and now you can download most of the songs here. Keep in mind this was my first attempt EVER at using garage band.. I did a pretty good job I think? Hope you enjoy these kick ass new songs by Salem + others that'll stick in your brain forever.

DOWNLOAD: AIDS 3D- Party Animal Dirge
DOWNLOAD: oOoOoo- Mumbai


Collin said...

they oOoOO song is actually called
mumbai. there must have been a typo.

Human Fly said...

thank you for the clarification. i was going by what the tracklist said..

aids-3d said...

hey u can download the party animal song, and many more on our website

Human Fly said...

THANKS AIDS-3D!!!!!!!!!!!