Friday, November 20, 2009

Midnight Perry

I cant stand keeping this super rare cassette filled with ultimate radical jams by Luke Perry all to myself anymore. Enoughs Enough guys, this should be making its rounds on every blog in america (but isnt because im literally kinda like 1 of 3.5 people to own it). Idk weather i should be happy to be one of those few people, or feel mega sad because no one else has really heard it. However, you can be one of these lucky people if you request one at:

Big Thanks to Liz over at Teen Fuqq for cutting them up into individual tracks for me.

Midnight Perry Tracklist
A1. Midnight
A2. Midnight 2700
A3. Canne(d) ?

B1. Lets Pretend We're Perry
B2. Teen Tragedy a-go-go
B3. Milkshake
B4. Frget Yr Locker Combo
B5. Shimmer

DOWNLOAD: Let's Pretend Were Perry
DOWNLOAD: Frget Yr Locker Combo
DOWNLOAD: Teen Tragedy a-go-go

DOWNLOAD: Retinal Stonerscan

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