Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Video Premiere

First off, I wanna give a big Neon Meltdown shout-out to the blogger who brazenly copies and pastes pretty much word for word what i write on this here blog, LAWLZZZZZZZZ. C'mon, my blog is pretty amateur, im sure you can come up with your own words/phrases/posts.

Now that thats outta tha way, who was lucky enough to hear the "new old" song on BMSR's music player? I guess it was from an abandoned 2006 album. you can kiss that song goodbye because they'll probably never post it again. SUX! I hate being teased, and that was the biggest tease ever. If anyone had a chance to rip it, hook me up! I'll hook you up with some BMSR rarities, fo real!

On another note,Black Moth Super Rainbow's
video for "Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise" premiered today on IFC.com

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