Thursday, July 9, 2009


For about 2 years now, i have been searching the interweb for this damn DVD.
Tobacco's Fucked Up Friends DVD is out of print/sold out, and havent had any luck finding someone that is willing to sell me their copy. IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO HAS THIS DVD, AND IS WILLING TO SELL, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!! I know that this is a rare piece of the BMSR discography, so I'm willing to make a very good offer on it. Go easy on me though, I'm not made out of money, and as you know, the economy is ssSSsHHhiTtT. Please please please help me out. I know Tobacco is making hand-made VHS's of Fucked Up Friends and should be out in the Fall, but i am not sure if i got on the waiting list and dont want to take any chances. If you ever want to sell, you can contact me on here, or send me an email at:
Thx everyone.


the_sentient said...

For real! This is as the top of my list too.

How many times do I have to watch the videos on YouTube?

Let me know if you ever get a copy and maybe we all can share!

I'm sure you have tried this to no success as well...

Human Fly said...

man, ive tried that a handful of times and no success either.
if i ever do get it, ill burn u a copy! just leave me your email, i have a feeling i might get it sometime soon (:

the_sentient said...

I would seriously be in your debt!

My birthday is next Wednesday (the 29th)
Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Say no more...

I have a big annual party and I wanted to get a projector and play it throughout the festivities!

Human Fly said...

ahah aw, well i wish i had it now to make your bday a whole lot better, but unfortunately i dont yet.
How about you rip the vids from youtube and put it onto a dvd?? im sure the hairy candy and hawker boat videos will please your guests (: let me know how it goes!

the_sentient said...


It's not like it has to be the best quality...

The only problem is that I wouldn't even know how to do that! Sad.
I will have to ask my tech savvy friends...

Let me know if you get any updates!