Monday, April 13, 2009

i, absentee

Do we really need another hip hop/electro compilation? Not really, well, maybe...
I think we've all had enough from Ghostly International, but this one is sure to blow your mind. I, absentee's debut compilation
"Birth Certificate", includes 17 EXCLUSIVE tracks from some heavy hitters such as Tobacco, Mall Security, Dorosoto, Power Pill Fist, and Lunar Testing Lab.
A dubby, post-rock "Who Lives Next Door" by 21 Jumpsuit, sets the tone for the album, and only gets better from there. A very good compilation overall, there are a few tracks that really stand out from the rest.

Limited to ONLY 250 copies (125 black, 125 white) you can order it on the I, absentee website, if there's still any left. I got mine back in December (a white digipak), and hasn't left my heavy rotation list since.

DOWNLOAD: Neon Tetra- Drowning (VA, Birth Certificate)
DOWNLOAD: 21 Jumpsuit- Who Lives Next Door (VA, Birth Certificate)

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