Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allegheny White Fish

Before Tobacco, before Black Moth Super Rainbow, before Satanstompingcaterpillars, there was Allegheny White Fish.
We thought these tracks would never see the light of day, but after many years, the man behind all 4, Tobacco, is finally putting the Allegheny White Fish tapes onto CD. It went on Pre-Order this morning. Order before you miss out on this forever..... again.


* Braided Cellophane
* What You Gonna Say to Me?
* Sunburned Face
* The Bees Love Me
* Left Out (The Freaky Pieces)
* Enough To Calm You Down
* Metal Ball Moon
* Backwards Song #2
* Dead Cowboy Dance (Live to ghettoblaster)
* Yellow Violet
* The Blue Seahorse
* 4-Track Phone Mistake
* The Love Song
* Gonna Git You Brainwashed (Long Version)
* Oh Shit Doug
* I Am 6 Years Old
* Eating Butterflies
* I Saw Brown
* All Songs Have an Ending
* Too Weird to be a Tree
* Violet Induced Armpit
* Friendly and Unfriendly Spiders

Collection of Tobacco's early tapes from 1996-1999. Over 70 minutes of mostly unreleased/unheard broken ghetto-blaster songs. Warped drum machines, purple noise, ripped cassettes, and melodies to calm you down.
pre-vocoder & synths, post-apocalypse.


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Ryan said...

How in the world did you get these tracks?