Tuesday, June 16, 2009


(Lone Circa 1986)

If early Boards Of Canada had a baby with Flying Lotus, this would be their Child. Anyone that is interested in them, is sure to be more than pleased with Lone. His track was one of thee bestest on Tobacco's "Songs To Get Killed In The Woods To" Mix. Once heard, I started searching his work and became partial to his Lemurian album. Hes become my new muse, its that serious....
His latest stuff has a remix by the great Bibio! Pleasure your ears at your own risk! I recommend you take that risk though. All that being said, dont be lame. Support your favorite artists. You can buy everything Lone here.

P.s. I know theres a couple of you that like my blog, because you tell me over myspace, but i'de really like if you commented on here too.. it keeps me motivated to keep posting and to do my best to bring you only the best from my music world. Also, if you have any questions or comments on how i could make this a little better, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

DOWNLOAD: Lone- Interview at Honolulu
DOWNLOAD: Lone- Phthalo Blue
DOWNLOAD: Lone- Cali Drought Wave

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Anonymous said...

critter your blog is tight!
i went on lones myspace when i read this and i like him now.
thanks homie.