Friday, October 2, 2009

Adult Weekend

Shit, sometimes i amaze myself at the collection of unique cd's/tapes i've managed to get throughout the years.

Big ups to Luke and Ryan from dANA for sending me a free of charge package (that came in a grey goose vodka cardboard box) which included albums VVSSTA, Pink Star, Adult Weekend, and a gold tape by Luke Perry, "Midnight Perry". I have to say I've never seen any album covers like this, with such detail and gnar spray paint on the discs, and tracklisting sheet with Hannah Montana on it hahaha. Guess i gotta make a stop at a thrift store tomorrow to by myself a tape player to listen to Midnight Perry, then on Monday i'll be in the process of getting the tape onto CD, UGHHH sooo good. l8eRRRr doodzZ. c ya on the interwebzzzz.

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