Monday, June 16, 2008

Once Upon a Time..

in a far away land, there was a band by the name of Klaxons who lived in the United Kingdom, and a Dj whos name was Peter Dragontail. Peter loved this band soo much that one day he went crazy and made a special remix just for them. A week after he made this remix, he died of Cancer. Unfortunately before he could put it on the internet to share with everyone, his dial up connection was too slow and couldnt be posted onto his blog. Luckily for you, he gave a copy of his remix to his secret lover, and he brings it to you today, The End.

(i.e. I am not really Peter Dragontails lover, and Peter Dragontail is still alive today, this story is made up and is used for entertainment purposes only!)

mp3: Klaxons - Klaxons Mania (Peter Dragontail Remix (Divshare)

and since i cant think of a story for these next songs, dont ask questions and just download them :)

mp3: Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (Peter Dragontail Remix) (zshare)

mp3: Peter Dragontail - KFA 1979 (Mediafire)

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