Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La La La La La

Last night i went to the club, ready to get my fancy footwork on, and as soon as i walked in, it seriously felt like i entered a damn sauna at
Gold's Gym. it was soo packed and hott and peeps were sweating like crazy by 11! This one guy was like really prepared for the worst, cause when i walked into the bathroom, i saw him, and others, taking turns straightening their wet hair with the tiniest little portable flatiron ive ever seen in my life! It was sooo hilarious. I was pretty much over not finding a place to dance, and seeing all kinds of 12 yr. olds walking around with cigarettes, so we left the club around 12:30ish, and took our asses to jack in the box for a late night snack. You know when you've been stressed for a while about something, and you kinda binge on food to make u feel better? Well, the large coke and sourdough jack did just that! It made a hell of a difference in my life, i cant even explain it! But ill tell u what, this song by Hannah Holland makes me feel kinda the same way. The lyrics are cool, and as cheesy as it sounds, they describe how ive been feeling lately. Its a damn good song. Anyway, 'nuff talk, more music. Here ya go.

mp3: Hannah Holland- Green Jungle

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