Monday, June 21, 2010


Stalker just dropped one hard as FcKkkk mixtape this morning including some excerpts of new tracks that are in the works. dOwnload the mix over at Pinglewood.

stalker- i drown
stalker - untitled
stalker - rryyddee
hype williams - the throning
grillgrill - ..sl0WlicKin...
stalker - untitled 2
stalker - scrape
ginuwine - in those jeans (stalker cut)
ryuichi sakamoto - last regrets
fleetwood mac - prove your love
stalker - oxy

Hot from the oven is a thuggish ruggish video for his hit track "Prelude", by Kreayshawn.

Keep an eye out for this dood, cuz hes slowly taking over, and doing big things like a release on Tri Angle Records, later this year.
Catch the MP3 after the flick!

MP3: Stalker- Prelude

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