Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning i woke up with a motha fuckin STD.

From now on there's no more secrets
Ain't gonna let no liar beat this,
You might call me a gonorrealist,
Honesty is not a weakness..

Now i bet your wondering, what she got beneath that skirt?
i bet she got an STD, i wonder if it hurt?
Well i just got my paps mere, and i don't got no crap here,
but if i did I'de let you know it, before I let you blow it...

Whats your symptom? and who'd u get that itch from?
Lets talk about it.
Herpes, aids, lets talk about it.
Crabs, scabies, syphilis, rabies, crazy shit beyond your laves,
Dont be shy, but unabashed, go ahead ask
Whats up with that rash?????????

You got an STD,
And now its stressin' me,
Can i ask you a question please?
Whats going on underneath them jeans??

Not tryin to be mean,
just gotta make sure that your clean,
Cause if you want me on your team,
First you gotta show me honesty.

Those are undoubtedly the most awesomest lyrics Ive ever heard in the history of music, and they belong to Javelin.
Im really into this band now god dammit!
This is a MUST listen.

****** Javelin: STD FURY
*****Javelin: Leonard Pt 6
****Javelin: Susie Cues
***Javelin: Lindsay Brohan


scotty2hottie said...

lets make some std fury tonight! (;

Antonia said...

this song is not by Javelin, though the beat was produced by Tom from Javelin. it's by a band named SEX/ed, which is a totally different project, involving three lovely lady rappers. SEX/ed hasn't officially released anything yet, but it will soon!